Guess what friends?  A super awesome company is donating a BOUNCE HOUSE to us!  Yay!!!  This event is getting more and more exciting every day!  We are continuing to receive awesome prizes for our raffle and things to auction off.  We have HOCKEY tickets and BASKETBALL tickets to give away!  We have some fantastic carnvial games being set up AND my decoration lady (Miss Caidan Bird!) has been an amazing help.  This event is going to look great and of course be super great. 
Aaaand IF you buy your tickets online you will receive 1 raffle ticket for the Single Ticket OR 3 raffle tickets for the Family Ticket!  So BUY TICKETS TODAY!!!  This event is going to be such a blast!  I hope you all have it on your calandars!  Don't forget
I am so excited to share this news!  KSL news radio has agreed to promote our fundraiser on all THREE of their stations!  I could barely hold back the tears when I heard this news.  I hope that this reaches the ears of not only those who would like to support this cause but also those who have children with this same disease.  I want this to be an opportunity for all of us to gather together and support one another through this difficult trial.  I heard a song today that talked about how every trial is really a tender mercy.  I believe it.  
Back to KSL.  My father knows Amanda who is a major contributor to KSL and through her kind heart we are able to get our fundraiser promoted on air!  I am personally so grateful for this and SO SO SO excited!  This is coming together so well.  It is meant to be I think :)  THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!  THANK YOU AMANDA and THANK YOU TO MY PAPA!
I'll say straight up when I started working on this event I was not planning for it to be much.  I am not quite sure what I was planning for really.  Now we are planning for something MUCH bigger!  What was going to be a little Luau has turned into a MASSIVE production.  So much is going to happen and take place and it is all thanks to the amazing people that have donated to this amazing cause!
Not only have I received donations such as coupons, store products, and gift cards from several stores around the valley I have also received tons of cash donations from stores, friends, family, co-workers, and complete strangers!  What a blessing!

Speaking of donations have a mentioned some of the awesome donations we've received?  You may want to sit down.  We have received a FREE grand canyon tour, two FREE hunts, $20 Ivy Nails gift card, free waxes from Wax Me Too, $20 Costa Vida gift card (YUM!) and it is rumored we will be getting FREE tickets to a Tuacahn Show down in St. George, free Grizzly Tickets, AND a free night stay at the Marriott!  WOW!  How awesome is THAT?!

All I can say right now is THANK YOU to EVERYONE!  You will be recognized for your donations and your services towards us.  This is going to be a great event.  Much more than I could have hoped for and it is ALL thanks to you and maybe my slight case of insanity :)